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Langfang Yudaya Insulation Material Co., Ltd.
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Langfang Yudaya Insulation Material Co., Ltd. is located in the south industrial zone of Dacheng Chenglang, Langfang City near Beijing and Tianjin. It covers an area of 3880 square meters, convenient transportation, convenient communication, and complete water and electricity facilities. The company was founded in 1998, with 18 highly qualified professional and technical personnel, and hundreds of advanced production lines and mechanical equipment. Specializing in the research and production of various sealing materials. The company has complete testing facilities and advanced management level. In 2002, it passed ISO9002 international quality certification. The company not only can provide high-quality sealing products, but also has a high-quality after-sales service team. It is a reliable supplier of sealing products and sealing technologies in various industries. 1: glass fiber tape, glass fiber cloth tape, medium alkali glass fiber tape, alkali-free glass fiber tape, marine glass fiber tape, aviation glass fiber tape, glass fiber tape, glass fiber cloth tape, glass fiber cloth tape, fiber cloth tape, Glass ribbon, flame retardant glass fiber tape, etc. 2: Packing series: carbon packing, PTFE packing, graphite packing, high water-based packing, aramid packing, Teflon split wire packing, PTFE Vinyl packing, expanded PTFE packing, asbestos packing, carbon fiber packing, butter cotton yarn packing, oil-soaked cotton yarn packing, linseed packing, canvas roll packing, ceramic fiber packing, nylon packing, Composite fiber packing, ceramic packing, Gore packing and other products. The products are mainly used in various fields of national economy such as national defense, electric power, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking, shipbuilding ... [ View details ]
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Fiberglass Tape - Graphite Packing Ring - Metal Spiral Pad - PTFE Gasket - Packing Price
Langfang Yudaya Insulation Material Co., Ltd. Tel: 0316-5199959 Contact: Manager Bi Address: Chengnan Industrial Zone, Dacheng County, Langfang City, Hebei
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